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When psychologist, Dr. Raymond Walenski, is turned into a vampire in order to provide therapy to creatures of the underworld, he battles his new beastly nature while struggling to keep his family life from being torn apart...
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Sink Your Teeth Into the Trailer for Horror-Comedy ‘Vampire Dad’

I first caught wind of the film Vampire Dad at Midsummer Scream 2018 and missed the opportunity to catch an early screening of the film that same year. But thanks to Random Media Vampire Dad is getting a wider distribution and it looks like I’ll finally have the chance to see it.
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Jackson Hurst in Fun Trailer for Cheesy Low Budget ‘Vampire Dad’ Film

"There is something 'not right!'" Random Media has unveiled an official trailer for a wacky low-budget indie horror comedy titled Vampire Dad, marking the feature directorial debut of actress / filmmaker Frankie Ingrassia. This seems like one of those strange films lost in time, that somehow exists and...
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Exclusive Trailer Premiere: VAMPIRE DAD, Retro Horror Comedy

The doctor is in, and he's working from home. Good news: it's not because of the pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe! In the upcoming retro-styled horror-comedy Vampire Dad, psychologist Dr. Raymond Walenski (Jackson Hurst, from Drop Dead Diva and Sharp Objects) is turned into a vampire...
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Random Media Snagged Rights To “Vampire Dad.”

Random Media snagged rights to “Vampire Dad.” Written by Ingrassia and Kathryn M. Moseley, the indie pic centers on a psychologist (Jackson Hurst, “Sharp Objects”) “who is turned into a vampire in order to provide therapy to creatures of the underworld. He battles his new beastly nature while...
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Random Media Bites Into Horror-Comedy ‘Vampire Dad’

Random Media just shared with ScreenAnarchy the official trailer for Vampire Dad, directed and co-written by first-time-helmer Frankie Ingrassia. “The horror-comedy follows psychologist, Dr. Raymond Walenski (Jackson Hurst) who is turned into a vampire in order to provide therapy to creatures of the underworld.
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Random Media Lands ‘Vampire Dad’

Random Media has picked up the worldwide rights to Vampire Dad, a horror-comedy indie from first-time feature director Frankie Ingrassia. Jackson Hurst (Sharp Objects), Emily O’Brien (The Young and the Restless) and Grace Fulton (Annabelle: Creation) star in the film, which was co-written by Ingrassia and Kathryn M. Moseley.