Random Media Snagged Rights To “Vampire Dad.”

Random Media snagged rights to “Vampire Dad.” Written by Ingrassia and Kathryn M. Moseley, the indie pic centers on a psychologist (Jackson Hurst, “Sharp Objects”) “who is turned into a vampire in order to provide therapy to creatures of the underworld. He battles his new beastly nature while struggling to keep his family life from being torn apart,” Deadline details.

Ingrassia’s credits include episodes of “Female Friendly” and “Hey You, It’s Me.” Also an actress, she’s appeared in “Goliath,” “Bones,” and “Election,” among other projects.

“I spent several years following ‘Election’ shadowing directors,” Ingrassia has revealed. “My first directing job was the pilot ‘Hey You, It’s Me’ which has since gone on to win over 15 festivals including the LA film awards and was picked up and turned to series on Seed and Spark’s web platform.” She added that she was one of the first females to direct the PR footage for Coachella music festival.

“I make a concerted effort on every project to hire women on my team,” Ingrassia explained. “Vampire Dad” featured a 70 percent female crew. “I am constantly reading scripts on behalf of other directors and producers as well as myself looking for strong female stories and characters. I think it’s very important to tell new stories featuring women, strong empowering women,” she observed. “There is a shift occurring now in the hiring practices, we are finally fighting to bring in more diversity, but the boat is big, and the turn is slow so everyone needs to work to make the change happen.

“Vampire Dad” will hit theaters and VOD on Father’s Day, June 16.