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Nerdly VAMPIRE DAD Review

Set in the early 1960s, Vampire Dad tells the story of the titular dad, Dr. Raymond Walenski – a family man-turned-vampire by Victoria, queen of the underworld. Turned into a vampire not because of some accident, being caught in the woods late a night, or being out during a full moon.

VAMPIRE DAD sinks its teeth into horror-comedy

Raymond (Jackson Hurst) is the quintessential, all American, 1960s dad. He’s got a beautiful wife, a loving sweet-sixteen daughter, a great career, a gorgeous home… sure, he’s got a little blood addiction, and maybe he can’t go out in the sun, but nobody’s perfect, right? That’s right, Raymond is a VAMPIRE DAD, and while his family...
Meet the Vampire Dad Nightmarish Conjourings

[Movie Review] VAMPIRE DAD

I grew up in the era of Elvira. A campy, colorful, fun approach to horror. I’ve always had a soft spot for that aesthetic and its probably why I continue to host B-Movie horror film nights at my house on the reg. If that’s something you like as well, VAMPIRE DAD has it in spades.


A dad afflicted with vampirism struggles to keep himself intact when he’s offered a crazy job in this fun and witty 1960s set horror-comedy.

Horror Fuel Movie Review: Vampire Dad (2020)

After a fantastic opening that is the unholy blend of Lichtenstein by way of E.C. Comics we get down to brass tacks with Vampire Dad…


The US in the squeaky clean early 1960s: Raymond (Jackson Hurst) is a reasonably successful psychiatrist, a devoted husband to Natasha (Emily O'Brien) and loving father to Susie (Grace Fulton) - and then he's bitten and turned by vampire queen Victoria (Sarah Palmer) ...
Need A Laugh? Killer Horror Critic Article

Need a Laugh? Sink Your Fangs into This Trailer for ‘Vampire Dad’!

Need a laugh? Put down that garlic-covered pizza and check this out...Screen Anarchy has staked the first trailer for Random Media's vampire-comedy, Vampire Dad, from first-time feature director Frankie Ingrassia's! In Vampire Dad: "The film centers on psychologist Dr. Raymond Walenski, who is turned into a vampire...
Horror Comedy Vampire Dad Crypt Teaze Article

Horror Comedy ‘Vampire Dad’ Arrives Just In Time for Father’s Day

Earlier today, Screen Anarchy shared the official trailer for Random Media's upcoming horror comedy Vampire Dad, the debut feature from Frankie Ingrassia. "The horror-comedy follows psychologist, Dr. Raymond Walenski (Jackson Hurst) who is turned into a vampire in order to...
Retro Horror Comedy Creepy Kingdom Article

Retro Horror Comedy ‘Vampire Dad’ Trailer

VAMPIRE DAD follows psychologist, Dr. Raymond Walenski (Jackson Hurst) who is turned into a vampire in order to provide therapy to creatures of the underworld. He battles his new beastly nature while struggling to keep his family life from being torn apart.
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