Jackson Hurst in Fun Trailer for Cheesy Low Budget ‘Vampire Dad’ Film

“There is something ‘not right!'” Random Media has unveiled an official trailer for a wacky low-budget indie horror comedy titled Vampire Dad, marking the feature directorial debut of actress / filmmaker Frankie Ingrassia. This seems like one of those strange films lost in time, that somehow exists and is being released this year. Set in the early 60s, a family man-turned-vampire struggles with his beastly, bloody-thirsty nature while his devoted wife tries to keep anyone from finding out, including their teenage daughter. Starring Jackson Hurst as the “Vampire Dad”, along with Emily O’BrienGrace FultonBarak HardleyJuli CucciaBarak Hardley, and Linda Nile. Not sure what to make of it. Fun? Cringe-worthy? Have a look.

Here’s the first official trailer (+ two posters) for Frankie Ingrassia’s Vampire Dad, direct from YouTube:

When psychologist Dr. Raymond Walenski (Jackson Hurst) is turned into a vampire, to act as therapist to the creatures of the underworld, he battles his new beastly nature while struggling to keep his family life from falling apart. Vampire Dad is directed by American actress-turned-filmmaker Frankie Ingrassia, making her feature directorial debut, after directing a few other short films previously and some TV series including episodes of “Female Friendly”. The screenplay is written by Kathryn M. Moseley and Frankie Ingrassia. Produced by Kathryn Moseley and Jed Rhein. Random Media will debut Ingrassia’s Vampire Dad direct-to-VOD starting on June 16th this summer. For more info + updates, visit the film’s official website